Truck Brake Repair Services in Miami, FL

Don't compromise on your safety. Only the best quality brake repairs will do for you and your heavy-duty truck. That's why our team of 20 mechanics offers a comprehensive and effective brake service in Miami, FL, and beyond.

Diesel mechanic performing brake repairs on semi truck in Miami, FL

What Are the Two Most Common Causes of Brake Failure?

In heavy-duty vehicles equipped with air brake systems, brake failure can be attributed to two primary factors: inadequate maintenance and excessive wear. Regular inspections and proactive maintenance are essential to prevent these issues and ensure your truck's braking system functions optimally.

How Often Does a Truck Need New Brakes?

The frequency of brake replacements depends on usage. For urban driving, where brakes endure stop-and-go traffic, replacements might be necessary between 30,000 and 35,000 miles. However, in less demanding situations, such as highway driving with lighter traffic, your brakes could last up to 80,000 miles or more.

Commercial Truck Brake Repair in Miami, FL

At Tri County Truck & Trailer Repair, we offer a comprehensive range of brake repairs and maintenance services for your commercial truck's braking system. Our services include:

Front and Rear Brake Pad Inspection: Thorough assessment of both front and rear brake pads to detect any signs of wear or damage

Rotor and Drum Resurfacing: Precision resurfacing of rotors and drums to restore optimal contact surfaces and braking performance

Brake Fluid Test and Change: Rigorous testing and replacement of brake fluid to maintain hydraulic efficiency and prevent moisture buildup

Emergency Brake Repair: Swift and efficient repair of your emergency (parking) brake to ensure it functions flawlessly when needed

Measurement for Drum and Rotor Wear: Accurate measurement of drum and rotor wear levels to determine if replacement is necessary

Brake Pad Installation: Expert installation of high-quality brake pads for consistent and reliable braking performance

Rotor and Drum Inspection and Replacement: Thorough inspection and replacement of worn or damaged rotors and drums to uphold braking efficiency

When you use our brake repair service, you can drive away in confidence, knowing that any replacement parts we use meet or exceed OEM standards. 

Areas We Also Serve For Brake Repairs in Florida

Apart from our Miami location, we extend our services to Lakeland, FL, and Ocala, FL. Our service area encompasses a broad range, reaching from Key West up to the Jupiter area, making it convenient for truck drivers and fleet managers across the region to access our reliable brake repair services.

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