On average, over 5,891,000 vehicle crashes occur each year. About 21% of these crashes are weather-related. Driving in windy areas is a safety concern for many drivers. Following are some trucker driving tips that will enable you to navigate safely through windy conditions. These truck safety tips help keep you out of harm while promoting safety and preventing accidents.


Check the weather

You might want to check the weather forecast before embarking on any trip. Also, listen to weather updates on your radio. You’re likely to get warnings about impending high winds. Consider the frequency at which the wind blows and the speed. This will help you make informed decisions about driving.


Watch out for large vehicles

Truck drivers usually lose control or tip over when driving in windy conditions. Thus, you should watch out for them and avoid moving too close to their lanes. Sometimes, the strong gust of wind can force trucks or large vehicles to veer off the road, losing control and causing an auto crash.


Maintain a firm grip on the wheel

Heavy winds can make driving safely in the wind unachievable. However, keeping a firm grip on the wheels gives you control of the vehicle.


Drive slowly

Experts recommend driving slowly to help reduce the chance of accidents and have full control of the vehicle.


Pullover when necessary

Sometimes, you might need to pull over during a storm or heavy wind. It’s best to wait it out and let the storm clear before continuing your journey.


Pay close attention

As a driver, you need to be conscious of your environment. Be mindful of signage, road signs, and other drivers on the road. These rank among truck safety tips to get acquainted with. High winds can occur suddenly, thus the need to pay rapt attention to your surroundings to prevent mishaps.


Consider your load size

A general rule of thumb for driving safely in the wind is knowing the load capacity of your truck. This is important because the lighter the load, the higher the risk of it being blown over.


Adopt all safe driving tips

Overall, driving safely encompasses you adhering strictly to truck safety tips. Reduce your speed limit. Turn your lights on for a clear view. Not everyone will be driving safely in the wind, ensuring you stay in your lane.


Let’s help you with truck safety tips

At Tri-county Truck and Trailer, we prioritize driving safely in the wind. Thus we offer safety tips for a seamless driving experience. Whether it’s truck repair, towing, or trucker driving tips, Tri-county Truck and Trailer got you covered!

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