According to federal regulations, checking your tire tread depth for semi-trucks is essential, and in every major tread groove, a steer tire should have a minimum tread depth of 4/32 of an inch. Since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is concerned about the tire tread depth for tractor-trailers and others, you should learn how to check your tire tread depth. In this article, we take a look at how you can know the tire tread depth for your semi-trucks.

  • Use a semi-truck tire depth gauge.

The semi-truck tire depth gauge is a graduated probe gauge that you stick into a groove in the tread. First, confirm the type of tire tread depth for the tractor-trailer you have – A gauge can measure 32nds of an inch, while another can measure millimeters and 32nds of an inch at the same time. You should push the ends of the semi-truck tire depth gauge to the tire’s hard surface and ensure it’s at zero readings.

The semi-truck tire depth gauge should be pushed down on its base. Make sure the gauge is centered within the circumferential tire groove. Be sure not to place the probe on any raised surfaces of the tread design or the molded tread wear indicators. Remove the semi-truck tire depth gauge and verify the reading.

  • Inbuilt semi tire tread depth monitor

Some semi-truck have tire tread depth for tractor-trailer inbuilt monitors, also called wear bars. They are implanted between the ribs of the semi-truck at 2/32 of an inch or vary depending on your semi-truck. You can look outwardly at the track to check whether it is flush with the marker bar. If you notice this, it is time for you to replace your tire. At TC Truck and Trailer, we supply different repair materials and offer repair services. Inbuilt semi-truck tread depth monitors save you unnecessary stress if we help you install the likes of the tires.

Why is semi-tire tread depth necessary?

You care for the food you consume the same way you should care about your semi-tire tread depth. The tire tread depth for a semi-truck is a measure of safety. If you engage in long-distance travel with an impaired semi-tire tread depth, you put yourself at risk. The “overhyped” tire tread depth is because of the interaction between the tire and the road. Your tire’s structure is the fundamental connection between your vehicle and the ground. The track bonds the road as you drive. Yet, if it’s not adequately profound, your vehicle loses foothold and experiences expanded slowing downtimes. After all, “overhyping” the tread depth is worth it.


How We Can Help You

If you entrust your vehicle with us at TCtruck And Trailer, you may not bother about the tire tread depth for a semi-truck. At least, we’ll oversee the disturbing aspect of maintaining a good and healthy vehicle. Your life is secure with us. If at all you need to check the tire tread, you have the assurance that we have overseen all the necessities. Why don’t you put the burden of your truck on experts like us? Contact us today, as we are ready to overcare for your truck.

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