Do you own a semi-truck? You should anticipate occasional breakdowns requiring towing of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the towing process of semi-trucks is a lot different. Nevertheless, it isn’t beyond your understanding. In this post, experts at Tri County Truck And Trailer Repair have explained semi truck towing. As the best company offering “heavy truck towing near me,” we have got your back for any truck and trailer repair services!


What Semi Truck Towing Involves?

When semi-trucks break down due to brake and failure, accident, or any other failure in the system, towing is the next big help required. Because they can take up a lot of space, semi-trucks need to be towed to a safe location to allow the road to be accessible for others and let the truck get back to the road as soon as possible. Semi-trucks towing involves the use of heavy-duty technology and equipment. Because of their size and weight, they often require handling by experts and the use of only specialized equipment.


Tips For Managing A Roadside Breakdown Properly

Semi truck breaking down can be daunting.  But, when there is a breakdown on the highway, do the following:

  1. Move To A Safe Place- If you drive an automatic semi-truck, pull a call through to an emergency road service provider to move the truck to a safe spot. This should also be the same process if you own a manual transmission.
  2. Turn On Hazard Warning Lights- Doing this will alert oncoming vehicles that a non-moving vehicle is on the roadside. The light will also assist the truck repair company you’ve invited. You should also set up your reflective triangle. However, make sure you don’t put the reflective triangle on the hard shoulder.
  3. Don’t Stand Outside– Stay in the truck if you are waiting for the repair company. During repair, stay in the truck or visit any commercial business close to the location. If you choose the latter, leave your phone number with the repair company.
  4. Call 911- Your semi-truck might break down during an ungodly hour or in a completely isolated territory. When that happens, you might be scared or find it hard to get help. Thus, call 911 right away! They will help dispatch police officers who will lead you to a safe location.


Qualities Of A Qualified Semi-Truck Towing Company

There are essential qualities to look out for when selecting a towing company or a truck roadside service. These include:

  • Capability- The towing company must-have tools and required training to handle semi-truck towing. Ask for tools and procedures.
  • Experience- Inquire about the number of tows they’ve handled and their experience with semi-truck towing
  • Customer Service- They must be dependable and have your best interest at heart. They have to be responsive, professional, and respectful.
  • Quality- Select a towing company that has consistently delivered quality work and will get the job done pleasingly.

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Tri County Truck And Trailer Repair has all of the above qualities and more, making us the best company for semi truck towing jobs. Therefore, if you are searching for the best towing company for “semi towing near me” or truck road service, look no further. We offer exceptional semi towing services!

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