Most fleet managers and owners are usually more reactive than proactive. This means that they will react when there is a need for a semi-truck repair, commercial fleet maintenance, a truck breakdown, or a fleet repair emergency.

To avoid all of these situations, fleet maintenance should be a top priority. Here’s why;

  1. It enables you to Run a Reliable Fleet

When you think about the kind of profits your company will lose when you have a truck breakdown or need to close down a certain route for fleet repair, you will understand why commercial fleet maintenance is necessary.

  1. It helps lower commercial fleet maintenance costs

Being proactive with maintenance will undoubtedly lower fleet maintenance costs because of implementing preventative maintenance. This means ensuring the fleet repair is done even before you experience a truck breakdown.

For example, you should have the oil in all your vehicles changed even before the check engine light comes on. When you hesitate with such an important task, you will need serious repair services for your trucks.

  1. It will ensure DOT Compliance

Fleet managers should always put the ‘safety’ of their workers and vehicles first. This means that you will have to comply with the FMCSA regulations for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

DOT compliance means – Department of Transportation, and it refers to complying with all the FMCSA rules while on the road.

In the end, DOT compliance ensures that you have minimal fleet repair, semi-truck repair, and truck breakdown.

  1. It lowers Fuel Costs

With a proactive approach to commercial fleet maintenance, you will be able to plan for any unexpected fuel needs. Simply changing the oil and fillers alone will help you increase the number of miles per gallon.

Wheel and tire maintenance will also help with the fuel efficiency factor, and, with proper fleet maintenance, you can save fuel costs by up to 40%.

  1. It ensures Fleet Safety

This is yet another critical benefit of a proactive commercial fleet maintenance approach. You are not only asking for trouble when you do not maintain your fleet, but you will also end up with the following problems;

  • Worn out tires.
  • Coupling devices.
  • Worn out brakes,
  • And other mechanical problems

According to the FMSA, 27% of crashes involved a single passenger vehicle, such as a truck with faulty brakes. Safety should be of primary concern for any commercial fleet maintenance company, and this helps eliminate the number of Repair services on your fleet of trucks.

  1. It ensures your drivers are safe from accidents

Many road accidents are caused by trucks that are not adequately maintained. The primary focus for any fleet management company is to ensure the safety of their drivers and their cars.

When you ensure that you avoid accidents, then you will not find yourself requiring repair services, semi-truck repairs, or even a truck breakdown.

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