Creating a semi-truck maintenance budget if you want to buy or drive a truck is the best way to have a successful bid in the end. Many people overlook small miscellaneous issues like the semi-truck repair rates when they purchase their trucks, resulting in unfavorable situations later on. How do you prepare for a semi-truck tune-up cost now and in the future? The best answer is to know the annual semi-truck maintenance cost. The yearly cost to maintain a semi-truck may amount to $15,000. However, this price varies based on your location, type of semi-truck, and the semi-truck maintenance company.


Measuring The Average Cost For Semi-Truck Maintenance

  • Cost of air/line hoses

One of the common parts of the semi-truck that demands repair over time is the air/lines. Thus, it is better to have semi-truck repair rates for air/line hoses. The air/line hoses often require a replacement. Therefore, the price of each line depends on the repairing company and the market price. At TC Truck and Trailer, we have many suppliers, and we have stable ground from our 30 years of experience. Do not worry about the price, we have the best for you.

  • Cost of tire replacement

The tire also contributes to how you estimate your annual semi-truck maintenance fee. If you spend 365 days on the road, you may replace 16 out of 18 tires. The semi-truck tire repair cost depends on your truck model, although the average cost for 16 tires is about $4,000 annually. All the semi-truck tune-up costs may become more expensive than you could afford. However, if you stand out as our stable and returning customer, you’ll enjoy more benefits from us.

  • Semi-truck maintenance cost for wiring

Wiring is crucial for proper electrical and mechanical functions. Complete wiring varies between $1,200 to $1,500; do not worry, you don’t need full wiring more than once a year. Most wiring focuses on the part of your semi-truck. Thus, the semi-truck repair rates for wiring may be observed hourly. The cost for an hourly rate is between $50 – and $70. However, this price accumulates based on your needs for wiring over the year.

  • Semi-truck maintenance cost for brake

Heavy-duty vehicles come with different types of brakes. For new hydraulic brake pads, the semi-truck maintenance cost is between $50 to $170, while air brake pads cost between $125 and $230. However, the annual cost depends on the need to repair your truck’s brake over the year.


Contact Us For Semi-Truck Maintenance

Little do you know that the expenses like air hoses, wiring, alternating, and brake repair accumulate over the year. If you don’t plan at the beginning of your truck driving career or at the point of purchasing a new/used truck, the semi-truck maintenance cost may skew your plans negatively. One of the ways to avoid this is to have a reliable company that oversees your truck repair maintenance over the year. We have qualified engineers at TC Truck and Trailer, and our 30+ years of experience in the field will gain your trust. Visit us today for a free quote!

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