You are on the road, and your semi-truck breaks down again! It’s just been days since you had to fix it. While most of these problems are due to tire failure, you may blame your electrical system or brake units.

If you own or drive a semi-truck, 18 wheeler wheeler breakdowns are a common issue. Keeping that in mind, it might be best to understand the common reasons for the breakdowns. In turn, you can create a maintenance plan with Tri-County Truck & Trailer Repair, Inc. that is most suitable for your truck.


Causes of Semi Truck breakdowns

  • Tires

To top our list is the truck’s tires. According to the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC), malfunctioning tires are responsible for 53.5% of semi-truck breakdowns. If you think that fixing a semi truck’s flat tire is indistinguishable from any vehicle out there, you may be surprised!

So, why do most tires fail? One factor is underinflated tires, which cause heat buildup in the tire sidewall, and alas! Your trip may be cut short. On the other hand, punctures hit the low tread depth, and lastly, misaligned axles speed up the tires’ wear and tear.

It is advisable to maintain them properly as burying yourself in the sand could land you at the highway edge with losses to account for!

  • Electrical System

This incorporates the starter motor, alternator, and battery for the most part. So, if your semi-truck can’t loco mote, it could be the failure of these vital components. While most batteries can get to three or five years, you may experience battery failures earlier if you often operate in cold regions.

To identify an electrical hitch, check for rusty battery connections, flickering lights, strange odors, dead batteries, or unusual sounds as you start your engine.

  • Brakes

Semi-trucks are always en route, and their semi’s disc and drum brakes are susceptible to recurring heat, friction, and pressure. And without the correct maintenance to keep them going, they wear down.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) did research to find brake-related problems cause 29% of 18 wheeler wheeler accidents. Note that brake failure can cause a catastrophe as other vehicles and pedestrians are also at risk.

Brakes mishap may be due to air leaks, corrosion and wear of the external surface, and airline freezing due to internal water contamination, especially in the winter season.

  • Refrigerated trailers or Reefer units

If you transport temperature-controlled freight, you have an additional problem to heed. And the worst thing is this failure ruins your freight. Therefore, it is crucial to beware of any in-cab signals that indicate malfunctioning within the unit.

  • Age

Believe it or not, your semi truck’s age may be the reason you keep contacting a mechanic in the middle of nowhere. Your semi truck’s robustness or brand will not matter at this point. After consistent use on the road, it may be time to get a replacement or keep up with the standard maintenance. If not, a failed engine may be a consistent problem on your list. If your truck is still in its early prime, count yourself lucky on this one.



Unforeseeable roadside stops are not odd for semi-truck drivers. However, knowing the essential details about your truck and the potential problems you may encounter may be best. Although coming up with a regular maintenance plan and inspecting your semi-truck before, during, and after you hit the road is helpful, knowing who to call is equally vital!


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