Your wheel alignment is not just something that you need to pay attention to just for the sake of it. Making sure that the wheels of your semi-truck are perfectly aligned has multiple advantages including semi-truck fuel efficiency and, most importantly, increased safety. At Tri-County Truck and Trailer, we have worked on various semi-trucks and have successfully resolved alignment issues to facilitate our clients in getting a safe driving experience!


What do we mean by semi-truck wheel alignment?

When we talk about wheel misalignment, we refer to the axles of your truck not being in their proper place. This misalignment can be caused due to multiple reasons, including the two most common ones: poor road conditions and potholes. If your semi-truck alignment is not proper, it can have multiple disadvantages, two of which we will look into detail in the next section of this article. The axels not being in place causes them to work in opposite directions, causing your tires to scrub, which can be very dangerous and harmful in the long run, as well as reduced efficiency.


Semi-Truck Fuel Efficiency

One of the main disadvantages that present itself as a result of misalignment is decreased fuel efficiency. The misaligned axles will require the tires to work extra hard, and thus, more fuel is burned due to the excessive friction and rigor present. Your horsepower is also significantly reduced, and your efficiency goes down by a staggering 10%. Once your axles are re-aligned into their perfect position, you can continue to drive your semi-truck at a fuel efficiency of 0.3 mpg.


Safe Driving 

The second most prominent disadvantage of misalignment is reduced safety. Not only is this bad for your truck, but it is also extremely risky for the driver. Driving a truck that does not have proper alignment can make it challenging for the driver to drive the semi-truck, thus causing fatigue for the driver. The driver has to put in extra effort to make the wheels work at their maximum capacity, and this extra effort can be very tiresome for the driver. Being excessively tired can make the driver drowsy and deteriorate their health, imposing a danger in itself.

In addition to this, misalignment puts a strain on your suspension.

This added stress on your semi-truck’s suspension can cause damage to your truck, and you will have to face excessive repair and maintenance costs. If you leave your strained suspension unattended for a long time, you might even have to pay for a complete suspension replacement. Get your wheel alignment fixed today before the costs accumulate and you put your safety at risk. Keeping the suspension issue aside, an unattended wheel misalignment can even make it necessary for you to get your tires replaced utterly, which is also an added expense that could be very heavy on your pocket.


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Do you own a semi-truck and are worried about your safety? Get your wheel alignment fixed today and say hello to a safe driving experience. Boost your fuel efficiency and semi-truck safety measures while you make your ride on the road more comfortable. Now that you are aware of the multiple disadvantages of misalignment, it’s about time you do something to resolve this issue.

At Tri-County Truck and Trailer, we can help you with your wheel alignment since your safety is our main concern, and we want to ensure that our clients do not have any trouble on the road. Our experience with semi-trucks has allowed us to deal with multiple alignment issues with maximum efficiency and optimum output. Contact us today and get your wheel alignment fixed at reasonable rates and long-lasting results!

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