Most people are scared of driving an RV because it is a big car compared to standard vehicles. Well, Driving an RV shouldn’t be as scary as you may think, and with a good RV Road Service company, you should be confident enough to give it a try.

With simple beginner RV driving tips, you can ensure you are on your way to a great RV vacation with your new RV.

Beginner RV Driving Tips

Taking Several Driving Tests

Before going on your RV vacation, take time to familiarize yourself with driving an RV. This includes driving your new RV around the parking lot, backing it up, turning, parking and braking. You’ll be surprised to find that it’s not as hard as you thought.

The most important thing to remember about driving an RV is that it is heavier and bigger than your standard car. It would be best to go further out on an intersection before turning the vehicle to compensate for the increased radius when turning.

When you need to brake, you should know that a heavy vehicle will take longer to stop, and therefore putting more space between you and any other vehicle in front of you is an excellent beginner RV driving tip.

Practice, practice, and practice some more. Do some serious braking, backing up, turning and parking. They will come in handy.

Ensure You Know the Height of Your Rig

The Height is never a concern whenever you are driving your standard car, but with RVs, you must know the exact height of your rig.

Most of them usually are between 10 and 14 feet, and it is recommended to write down the exact height and tape it on your dashboard for reference purposes when driving your RV. This height is required for most interstate overpasses, up to 16 feet.

You shall require some clearance for a standard motorhome RV.

Plan for Your Fuel Ups

A gas station is the most dangerous and commonplace for RV accidents. Identify them along the way to your RV vacation. Be sure to use trucks and stop gas stations compared to the standard gas stations whenever you are driving an RV.

You should however still have the number to an RV Road Service company in case of anything.

Plan your Trip in Advance

Beginner RV driving tips should be part of your trip planning as this will cause you to have less stress when you are actually on the road. Once you learn how to drive, this is the perfect aspect of going on an RV vacation.

Additionally, plan for where to do your RV parking. Popular RV parks like Kampgrounds of America tend to fill up pretty quickly, and if you are going camping, ensure to have planned for this well in advance.

These are great as they provide family-friendly amenities such as ice cream socials, swimming pools, and horseshoe pits.

Most of them are located around popular tourist attractions, which will give you time to enjoy yourself with your family.

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