Oil change for semi-truck is a way of preserving the truck’s efficiency. Changing the oil is an essential semi-truck repair that helps keep the truck functioning properly for a long time. It also reduces the cost of spending money on repairs to the truck that may arise from a lack of proper maintenance.

This article will explain why oil change for semi-truck is vital, when to change the oil of your semi-truck, and how to know when your truck needs oil.


When Should There Be An Oil Change For Semi-truck?

Knowing the time intervals of an oil change for a semi-truck depends on the truck and even the driver. The normal lifespan of an oil change for a semi-truck ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 miles. Some specific factors help determine the intervals for an oil change for semi-trucks.

Oil change for semi-trucks should be a routine for older vehicles. Newer models of vehicles in the market have been built so that they’re able to cover more miles before an oil change is needed.

Furthermore, the way the truck driver drives can determine the intervals for an oil change in semi-trucks. When the truck driver drives such that there’s always a harsh acceleration or always driving in rough terrains, there might be a need for frequent semi-truck repair.

Other factors that influence the intervals of an oil change for semi-trucks are environmental factors. For instance, regularly driving under terrible temperatures and environments filled with dust can give room for frequent oil changes in semi-trucks.


How Can I Know When There Should Be An Oil Change For Semi-trucks?

Apart from the owner’s manual that helps you know the intervals of an oil change for a semi-truck, there are still some factors that should be noted.

Truck drivers should always endeavor to check the oil level using a dipstick at each stop. If the dipstick doesn’t get adequately stained with oil, it means that the oil level is low and needs an oil change. Some trucks have alerts to signify when the oil level is getting low. Whenever the alert is triggered, check your oil level and do the needful.

Making sure that your truck’s oil is changed regularly is a way of maintaining the car and preventing unnecessary repairs. Oil change for semi-trucks helps to reduce wear and tear.


Benefits Of Oil Change For Semi-trucks

  • It prevents corrosion of essential components in the truck.
  • The engine of the truck is safeguarded from any form of damage.
  • Reduction of costly repairs.
  • It prevents the unexpected breakdown of the truck while driving.
  • Oil change for semi-trucks helps increase its efficiency and keeps the engine running for a long time.

Service Center For Semi-trucks Near Me

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