Purchasing a glider kit and the engine separately is a cost-effective solution for small fleet owners and owner-operators. It also saves you the trouble of the Clean Air Act emission regulations set by the USA. Glider kits transform old trucks into brand-new cab and chassis that are safer and more efficient with modern features. Talk of new frames, new front axles, new bodies, excluding the engine. How about their warranties? They aren’t as long as that of a new machine but essentially go as far as 12 months or 100,000 miles.


Can You Swap Out Glider Kits?

Yes! You can install an older engine into a new vehicle if the old engine’s emissions equipment is similar to the new vehicle. Ensuring that the swap gives you ample cooling systems, right throttle linkages, and functioning fuel delivery is best.


How Do You Engine Swap Your Glider Kit?

You simply remove the original engine and replace it with another. It is important to note that finding the spare parts of older engines may be challenging. On the other hand, modern replacements are not only easy to find but also cost-effective to maintain. As the norm, diesel engines are swapped for improved fuel economy.


Is A Used Engine Good To Go?

If you are talking of an alternative that exempts you from license and insurance fees and taxes, then yes. Rather than purchasing a new vehicle, you can simply replace the engine system. This saves you money and extends your vehicle’s life.


Why Choose Truck Glider Kits?

A cost-effective solution: You can save 25% for a comparable new truck. The lower costs are undoubtedly appealing to fleet owners with the economy and recessions. The engine can be recycled to avoid waste, and it saves you 12% Federal excise tax.

Boost fuel economy: You can rely on Freightliner glider kits to improve fuel mileage. Some even up to 1 mpg.

Environmentally friendly option: Everyone is trying to contribute towards a clean environment. As opposed to increasing the heap at the junkyard, recycling truck engines in tractor trailer glider kits is one way. Besides, these engines are reconditioned for a new-like performance. Without a doubt, they feel and look like a new truck with desirable performance for less downtime. Options include Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Western Star glider kits.

Lower maintenance: Save yourself the headaches of long repair hours by opting for older parts and technology. These are effortless to fix. Technicians can get the repairs done with little to moderate knowledge and expertise.

Better control over your car’s make: Glider kits combine new bodies, new safety equipment, and remanufactured engines. And there is a variety to select from, making it customizable to suit your needs. You can pick out an ideal choice for a creation that you are proud of as a fleet owner.

Glider kits are a cost-effective solution with more benefits to offer. However, it still comes down to what works for you at the end of the day. Be sure to consult and buy your glider kit from a credible company. They should be able to lay down all the options for informed decision making. A high-quality kit will remain on the road for longer and save you downtime.


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