Regular truck maintenance is essential to keeping your commercial vehicle in the finest condition possible. We often get commercial vehicles here at tri-county trucks and trailers with problems that could have been avoided by taking good care of the vehicle. These truck maintenance tasks allow you to discover problems with your vehicle ahead of time and take appropriate precaution. Even if it’s a brand new vehicle or an old truck, keeping it in good shape is always essential as long as it’s being used. Worse than not bothering about maintenance at all, improper maintenance procedures might result in more severe damage to the vehicle. As a result, knowing the proper maintenance guidelines is critical.

Here are five fundamental truck maintenance suggestions that will help your vehicle’s life span expand over time.


  • Regularly, replace the engine oil and filter.

Engine oil, which lubricates and safeguards the truck’s engine when clean, can easily be contaminated, affecting engine performance. It is usually good to consult the owner’s handbook to determine the proper oil change intervals. The filter is another component of the vehicle that must be replaced regularly. It is readily contaminated by dirt and debris and must be replaced; otherwise, the performance of the truck’s engine may suffer. One of the most critical aspects of a proper truck and trailer upkeep routine is oil and filter changes.


  • Keep an eye on other fluid levels.

The engine coolant levels, power steering fluid, and brake fluid should also be inspected regularly to ensure that your trucks work correctly. Replacing these liquids on a routine basis is not only a safe habit, but it also extends the life of your truck. The engine coolant maintains the boiling and freezing points of the engine fluids. Sustaining the engine at an appropriate temperature is critical to its performance. The power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid in charge of moving the different elements of the truck’s steering system. It is crucial to keep a close watch on their levels.


  • Regularly rotate and align the wheels.

Like any other automobile, Truck tires must be rotated every 6,000-8,000 miles to disperse tread wear and extend tire life uniformly. The rear tires on commercial trucks often wear out quicker than the front tires.

Another critical aspect in truck and semi-truck maintenance is wheel alignment. If your wheels are out of balance in any manner, they will deteriorate over time unevenly and much faster than they would if they were correctly aligned. When the steering wheel is off-center, the vehicle tugs to one side or the other, or there is a lot more shaking than typical when traveling on a straight roadway, the wheels are typically out of alignment.


  • Get the vehicle inspected and cleaned. 

Cleaning a truck’s exterior will do more than simply make it shiny. It will help preserve the truck’s paint by eliminating abrasive debris, dust, sand, or salt. Furthermore, washing the underside is just as important as cleaning the outside. In addition, having your car examined is a critical component in its upkeep. A commercial truck maintenance inspection is similar to an expert’s annual physical examination of the vehicle. Rather than regretting appropriate maintenance, it is critical to detect any mechanical or safety concerns early on.


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The proverb “You reap what you sow” relates to everything, even commercial truck maintenance. As a result, the more attention and care is given to a truck and trailer upkeep, the more efficient it is and the longer its longevity. As a truck driver or fleet manager, you must ensure that your trucks are constantly in good working order. Good maintenance aids in the prevention of problems on the road, which pose serious safety risks. If you are searching for experienced truck professionals to help you maintain and repair your cars, call us now and let us help you.

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